Tiger Burger was born as a street-food stall in the summer of 2014.


Now located in the heart of the growing neighbourhood, Grey Lynn, Tiger Burger is a lively, no-fuss restaurant that brings the fun and energy of the streets indoors.


We go by the Korean saying “food is the best medicine”, meaning we give a damn about what we serve. We use premium ingredients, ethical meat and fresh, locally sourced produce.


It’s very important to us that we support ethical farming practices, sustainability and local suppliers who care as much as we do. We are in the business of feeding and looking after people. Doing it this way, we look after the place we call home too.


Our Story

Tiger Burger began as a pipe dream by couple Esther Jeong and Matt Shephard in the summer of 2013.


Esther grew up in South Korea, and loves nothing more than cooking (and eating!) her favourite childhood dishes. Matt’s originally from England. As soon as Esther introduced him to Korean food, he was hooked.


There’s nothing quite like the tangy crunch of kimchi, or succulent sweet-soy galbi beef. We wanted to introduce other Kiwis to the mouth-watering flavours of Korean cuisine, and decided the burger was the perfect vessel for doing so.

A year later, we started popping up at markets across Auckland. By day we worked our office jobs, and at night we hit the streets to cook burgers. With no background in the hospitality industry, we learned everything the hard way.


As time went on, we developed a stronger point of view, focusing on using high quality ingredients, supporting ethical farming practices, doing our best to minimise our environmental impact and working with local businesses.


People were asking and emailing us about opening a store. The support and love from our customers grew so much that we finally decided to take the plunge and open a restaurant in the winter of 2016.

And that’s where we are today. We now share the journey with our amazing team who loves Korean food as much as we do and care deeply about doing business in a thoughtful way.


We hope you join us in our journey!


-Esther & Matt.

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